6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent’s Marketing Plan Should Work for You

6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

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In real estate, marketing is super important. It covers everything from the way people look at your property’s details online to the way they see the property during a showing. It can make the difference between whether or not a potential buyer decides to take the time to look at your property in person or if they just skip past it on a list of online search results. A solid marketing plan is crucial for sellers to get the best price for their home in the shortest amount of time possible. Knowing what to expect during the marketing and home selling process can make for an easy process as well. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent’s Marketing Plan Should Work for You.

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6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

1. Professional photos will highlight your home in the best way possible. One of the most important parts of marketing your home online is the photographs! A professional real estate photographer is skilled in capturing each space of your home in a way that shows off their unique aspects. An experienced eye can also make each room appear as spacious as possible. Small details, like the angle of the photo and the way lighting in the room is captured, make huge differences in whether or not they grab an interested person’s attention. With over 80% of home searches starting online, grabbing a buyer’s attention is key.

6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

2. Verbiage used will describe your home in a way that makes sense to potential buyers. A real estate agent has experience with knowing which details work best to sell a house. The language used across all of your property’s marketing will highlight the best parts. Descriptions will grab the reader’s attention, get straight to the point, and provide valuable information about the area. Wording matters, and a solid plan of action will lead to more interested buyers inquiring on your listing.

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3. Pricing your home right the first time is key. Using comparisons of nearby properties that are active, pending, and recently sold, your real estate agent can perform a market analysis to decide how much your property may likely be worth. Initial pricing plays a much larger role in how quickly your home may sell than a lot of people think. Price it too high, and you could miss out on the buzz that accompanies a new listing hitting the market. Potential buyers are likely to not give your place a chance if it is far beyond their price range. Pricing your property too low could result in a quicker sale, but you would also miss out the money that you could be receiving for its purchase. The right price at the right time can make all the difference when listing your home for sale.

6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

4. Marketing plays a part during showings through the way your home is staged. Home staging encompasses a variety of things when it comes to getting your home set for the market. Overall, staging entails decluttering and decorating. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to go out and purchase new décor. It mainly means you need to prepare your home for someone other than yourself to be able to imagine their life in this home. Clearing out clutter gives the impression that there is plenty of space for a potential buyer to move in and spread out. The fresh eyes of your experienced agent will be able to tell you what things may need to be updated or simply moved around to give off a more inviting vibe within your home. Home staging can make a world of difference when showing your home to buyers!

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6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

5. Internet marketing is a crucial part of getting your home sold. Because most active buyer start their search online, it is very important to have a strong internet presence when it comes to marketing. It’s not uncommon for buyers to approach their real estate agent with a list of homes they have found and are interested in seeing, so covering all of the bases is key. When it comes to internet marketing, your property will first be listed on the MLS. This gets your home in front of each local agent searching for the right homes to present to their clients. Next, your property’s information should be fed into your agent’s business websites. This will include the details and photos pulled from MLS as well as any individual blog posts that feature your property specifically. These articles, across various real estate driven websites, boost your property’s web presence and ultimately show up across numerous popular search engine results pages. Social media outreach also gets the word out about your home for sale to everyone within your real estate agent’s client database. Basically, the more your property is mentioned online, the better. In today’s market, internet marketing is a major focus for most successful real estate agents.

6 Ways Your Real Estate Agent's Marketing Plan Should Work for You

6. A marketing plan maintained by a professional keeps you “in the know”. Your real estate agent should be staying educated on current market trends and the latest updates in web-based marketing. Any successful agent realizes how important continued education truly is when performing at their best for their clients. They will utilize their relationships with other agents within their office to get the word out about your home for sale. The real estate business consists of a web of personal connections. Whether it’s a connection with you as a client, their past clients, or other agents, you can rest assured knowing your real estate agent is connected to the right people. Remaining in tune with real estate activity in the local market also gives your agent a leg up on the competition as well. By staying connected, your agent will know if price changes or updates would be necessary for the best possible outcome for you as a seller. The quickest sale at the highest price is a balance that your agent is a pro at managing!

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