Best Schools in Louisville KY

“Where are the best schools in Louisville” is the main questions the Louisville Real Estate Pros get when talking to clients about real estate in Louisville. “What neighborhood do I need to live in to be in the best Louisville school district” is a close second.

When talking about Jefferson County schools, there is no one neighborhood that can guarantee you a great school. There are neighborhoods that give you a better chance of getting into a good school- for instance, Barbourmeade is the resides neighborhood for Norton Elementary, one of the top elementary schools in Louisville KY. Even though you live in Barbourmeade, you might not get into Norton. (to read more, check out our page about how Jefferson County School selection works. )

So what are your options? Louisville has a lot of top ranked, blue ribbon private schools. Or you could consider moving to Anchorage, a city within Louisville limits that has it’s own private school district ( which ranked number one school district in KY for 2012) or Oldham County, just outside of Louisville, which is home to some of the best schools in Kentucky.

For more information about how the schools work in Louisville and the surrounding areas please contact us, we are always ready and willing to help!

Louisville Schools by County

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