Downsizing Your Louisville Home

You’ve decided to downsize. Maybe the kids have left and you don’t need as much space any longer. Maybe you are planning to spend part of your time in another state. Maybe you are a young single with little time for home maintenance or possibly you simply want to own a home without the time and energy dedicated to outside maintenance. Louisville condos and patio homes are a great way to downsize from a larger more traditional home and they fit the lifestyle of so many!


A condominium, or condo is similar to an apartment, but usually larger in size and owned instead of rented. Often times condos have shared amenities like a clubhouse, pool or gym and use a shared hallway, stairwell, or elevator. Individuals own the unit and collectively the association of owners represents the ownership of the entire complex. Condos offer the security of homeownership with the luxury of a close community, often extra amenities, and the convenience of having maintenance issues like lawn care taken care of.

Patio Home

Patio homes are usually individual home units attached to one another, typically by shared walls between each unit. Patio homes provide home ownership without the hassle of outside maintenance and landscaping. These services are usually taken care of by an association fee.

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